Mission Statement

The mission of The Girlfriend Connection is to educate and empower low to moderate income women and women who have served in the armed forces in Central Virginia on their finances, health and wellness, career/business development and education options via experiential workshops, one-on-one counseling services, mentoring programs, industry experts and on-line and printed resources.



Every woman, regardless of socioeconomic status, is extraordinary. As such, The Girlfriend Connection pledges to be of service to women who are in search of change, purpose and prosperity. We will provide information (resources, access to counseling, data, facts and experiences) to enable our clients to acquire the knowledge needed to make better, informed, life changing decisions for themselves and their families.



The Girlfriend Connection (TGC), formerly known as Average Girl Magazine LLC, was established in July 2009. Having been in the publishing business for over six years with Average Girl Magazine, and an Air Force veteran, the Chairman and President of  TGC, Rebekah L. Pierce, decided that the heart of her company was with everyday women who struggle to survive. As such, she formed TGC to be the physical resource and empowerment tool for low to moderate income women and women veterans of all colors, race and creed in Central Virginia. Average Girl Magazine, itself, will continue to be published as an educational source for the clients and partners of The Girlfriend Connection.


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